Why Gather & Spruce

Beauty Begins with Gather & Spruce.

At Gather & Spruce, we believe that your quality of life is directly tied to the beauty and functionality of your surroundings. Thanks to our Smart Design program, Gather & Spruce can improve your life and elevate the style and function of any space with ease. We approach every job, large or small, with a commitment to maximizing value.

We bring together smart design, products and services that suit your personal taste and lifestyle. That way, you get the rooms you’ve always dreamed about and you’ll even enjoy the process along the way!  

What room in your home can Gather & Spruce help with?

Kitchen Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Basement Remodel
Whole House

Here is what you can expect when working with Gather & Spruce. 

  • Design Consultation

    Design Consultation
    One of our Design Professionals will visit your home. We will determine what your goals are, get to know your lifestyle and design taste and discuss our design programs. We then collect a design deposit and begin work on designing your space. Fill out the form below to schedule your consultation!
  • Design & Planning

    Design Planning

    Through weekly design meetings {virtual or in person} We dial in to your style and bring you product samples and solutions utilizing the best materials and finishes available, in order to best maximize your budget.

  • Contractor Walk-through

    Contractor walk thru

    Meet with our licensed contractor and gather all the important details for your transformation to ensure your project runs smoothly, efficiently, and on budget.

  • Final Budget Meeting

    Budget meeting

    You will be provided a project binder with all of the approved designs and selections along with the budget outlined. Our pricing includes everything we do, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected add-ons or upcharges.

  • Ordering & Gathering

    Gathering materials

    All materials are ready and waiting for us before we start to spruce your space, so there are no costly delays or surprises.

  • Pre-Construction Meeting


    Planning meeting outlines the timeline and schedule. Including logistics on things like pets, working hours, trash pick-up, etc. Allowing for the transformation to happen with ease.

  • Then we Spruce.


    We begin delivering on our plan and transforming your space.

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