Kick-Off 2020 with a Freshly Organized Kitchen You Love

Every new year comes with fresh starts and what better place to begin than in your kitchen. After all, it’s where everyone, and everything, gathers. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or doing an organization refresh with a tight budget, your kitchen can be as functional as it is fantastic. To get fresh insights on…

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The Essential Kitchen Island

THE CENTERPIECE OF EVERY KITCHEN REMODEL IS AN ISLAND. It seems at the center of every kitchen remodel wish list these days is an island. And no wonder. It is, without question, the hub of today’s home. It has become the gathering space for breakfast and board games, crafting and cooking, homework and hosting. COOK…

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Three Week Kitchens becomes Gather & Spruce

Dear Friends, I am thrilled to share some news with you about exciting changes in my life that will impact Three Week Kitchens. I have decided to retire in order to pursue a new phase in my life. As many of you may know, I started Three Week Kitchens in 2009. It was a project…

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