Revitalizing Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill: A Stunning Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel by Gather & Spruce

Revitalizing Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill: A Stunning Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel by Gather & Spruce

In the heart of Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill, a 1917 brick bungalow underwent a remarkable transformation with Gather and Spruce leading the way. This Denver kitchen remodel project not only addressed the challenges faced by the homeowners but also breathed new life into a historically significant space for a family of five.

Denver Kitchen Remodel Unveiled: Balancing Functionality and Historical Charm

The kitchen, initially non-functional and cramped, required strategic changes to enhance both its practicality and visual appeal. The Gather and Spruce team successfully opened up the space, providing clear views from the kitchen to the living room and backyard. This Denver kitchen remodel became a pivotal game-changer for the bustling family.

Storage Solutions for Denver Families: Woodland Cabinetry and Timeless Design

With the family in mind, storage solutions became a key focus of this kitchen remodel. Woodland custom cabinets, featuring a unique finish color, offered ample storage for everything from produce to brooms. The design embraced historical charm through inset cabinet doors, a crown molding, and a butcher block countertop.

Attention to Detail: Elevating Denver Kitchen Design with Functional Features

This Denver kitchen redesign didn’t stop at functionality; it celebrated the beauty of well-thought details. A wood shelf near the range served both functional and aesthetic purposes, showcasing everyday items like cutting boards and spices. The result? A kitchen that perfectly blended practicality and warmth.

Family-Centric Living: Denver Kitchen Opens Sight Lines for Better Connection

Understanding the needs of this family, the redesigned kitchen prioritized an open and well-lit space. The removal of interior walls allowed the parents to keep a watchful eye on their three young children. Natural light flooded the space, giving it an open spacious feel, making it a Denver kitchen everyone could enjoy.

Denver Bathroom Bliss: Transforming Spaces for Spa-Like Luxury

Expanding beyond the kitchen, this project delved into the challenges presented by an outdated bathroom. The result? A spa-like oasis featuring a Japanese soaking tub, wall-mount bidet toilet, and a trough sink with double faucets. This was truly bathroom remodel dreams turned into a reality.

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