Ask Gather & Spruce: Why should I hire a professional for my next home remodeling project?

Ask Gather & Spruce: Why should I hire a professional for my next home remodeling project?

Despite what you see on TV, a DIY home remodeling project is almost always a bad idea. For better or for worse, reality TV design shows have made many homeowners overconfident in their ability to design, decorate and update their space. The truth is that when it comes to house remodeling projects, most of us should put down the hammer and pick up our laptop to schedule an appointment with a professional home remodeling service. Why? Every project has unique challenges. Hiring an expert can help you navigate these challenges and end up with a home that reflects your personality and fits your lifestyle. Let’s look at all the ways a professional can help.  

You’ll save money

The idea of spending money to save money feels counterintuitive, but home remodeling is one area where this is absolutely true. Design and remodeling professionals use their expertise to help you avoid costly mistakes in design and decor. Getting it right the first time saves you the expense of redoing things later (which is essentially paying for the same thing twice). Also keep in mind that one of the things a home remodeling professional is being paid to do is work within your given budget. This means you’ll be advised of overages and asked to approve them rather than trying to track expenses yourself and not realizing you are over budget until it’s too late. 

You’re more likely to complete your project on time

House remodeling projects usually involve some amount of hassle and lifestyle disruption, especially a whole home remodel. As a DIYer, you’re probably working around your regular job schedule and trying to fit in renovations on the weekends or in the evenings. This can extend the life of the project for months — or even years — meaning you’ll live with the chaos and mess in your home the entire time. A professional is paid to keep your project moving forward on a set schedule and finish the job in a timely manner.  

Your space will be designed for the way you live

In DIY remodeling projects, many people end up making choices that don’t work for their space or their lifestyle, like furniture that doesn’t fit their needs or paint that doesn’t work with the design and light in the room. Home renovation service professionals will meet with you to discuss how you and your family use the space before starting your project. They will help you identify your design style to create a cohesive look. Then, drawing on their years of industry experience, they’ll make suggestions on everything from furniture and paint choices to room layout and functionality enhancements. The result will be a space that is both beautiful and functional, reflecting both your style and the way you use your home.  

You’ll get connected

When it comes to hiring tradespeople and sourcing materials, the pros have access to the best in the industry. When you hire a home remodeling service, you get access to their network and the knowledge they’ve gained from years of experience working on projects like yours. You don’t need to worry about researching and vetting contractors because they’ve done all the work for you. They will also help mediate conversations with contractors and secure the appropriate permits needed for your project. Lastly, they know the best place to purchase everything from countertops and cabinets to furniture and paint, ultimately saving you money.  

What should I look for in a professional house renovation company?

Whether it’s one room or a whole house remodeling project, hiring the right professional is the key to a successful project. Look for someone that is experienced and has all the required permits and licenses required by your city and state. Home remodeling requires a big commitment of both time and money, so don’t be afraid to meet with multiple candidates and ask hard questions. Taking the time to find the best provider now will save you money and time in the long run.  

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