Best of Show – Bright & Bold Baths

Gather & Spruce was featured by Build with Ferguson for our beautifully designed, herringbone black and white spa in Aurora, Co. Herringbone Black and White Spa Gather and Spruce holds itself to a high standard of design for its clientele. Their belief is that quality of life is directly tied to the beauty and functionality […]

Interior Design Trends: 5 Things to Consider for Your Next Remodel

When working trends into your remodel design, it’s important to draw from trends that are going to be relevant years from now. While some interior design fads come and go, many will be here for the foreseeable future.   To ensure that your next remodel is one that is built and designed to last, here are 5 interior design trends that will look […]

Home Remodeling: What to Know Before You Start Your Denver Remodel

Deciding to go through with a home remodeling project is a big decision. For homeowners who aren’t ready to say goodbye to their current home and want to improve it, or for people looking to sell their home and improve its ROI, remodels are a great option. (Read up on Kitchen remodel ROIs and bathroom remodel ROIs here.)   When it comes to remodeling […]

Green Building: Creating a More Eco-friendly Denver Home

The green movement isn’t going anywhere. With consumers having a more heightened idea of how the products and services they purchase affect the world around them, more and more people are beginning to shop green. Whether it’s researching where and how a product was sourced or paying extra for clothes made from sustainable materials, consumers […]