Greenwood Village Home Remodel: A Charming Transformation

Greenwood Village Home Remodel: A Charming Transformation

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Greenwood Village Home Remodel Project Unveiled:

Enjoy this Greenwood Village home remodel, nestled in the heart of Greenwood Village, a wonderful family of five partnered with Gather and Spruce to embark on a transformative journey for their beloved home. With a focus on preserving the original charm while incorporating modern elements, this remodel became a testament to both functionality and aesthetic appeal, expertly handled by the skilled team at Gather and Spruce.

Preserving the Essence:

The journey began with a deep appreciation for the original Saltillo tiles that adorned the floors. Gather and Spruce, experts in blending tradition with innovation, opted for espresso-finished cabinets with a transitional door style and rubbed edges. This choice not only maintained the rustic look but also retained the timeless charm that the family cherished. The addition of a handmade black and white tile detail on the back of the island brought a pop of interest, seamlessly blending with the original features.

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Captivating Views:

The Greenwood Village home, situated on an expansive 1.6 acres, boasted unobstructed panoramic mountain views. The Gather and Spruce team strategically oriented the cooktop west-facing to capture the breathtaking scenery. Incorporating open shelving, accent lighting, and a granite countertop with fossils, they added unique elements, making the kitchen not just a functional space but a visual delight.

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Maximizing Space for a Family of 5:

Understanding the needs of a bustling family, Gather and Spruce focused on maximizing space and functional storage. The island was expertly expanded to serve as a central hub for the family, complete with a feature wall housing Wolf double ovens, Sub-Zero refrigeration, and ample pantry space. The result was a kitchen that seamlessly blended style with practicality, executed with precision by Gather and Spruce.

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Creating Unity:

The redesign extended beyond the kitchen, with Gather and Spruce opening up the space to the dining room. A once unusable desk area was transformed into a wet bar, complete with a wine refrigerator and built-in ice maker. The pantry wall behind the wet bar added not only to the aesthetics but also maximized storage—a crucial element in any household.

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A Transformation Unveiled:

The heart of the remodel lay in the skilled hands of Gather and Spruce. By opening up the space, creating balance, and updating key features, the Greenwood Village home underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. Before-and-after photos showcase the journey, emphasizing the delicate balance between modernization and maintaining the cherished charm, expertly managed by the professionals at Gather and Spruce.

Gather and Spruce mudroom

Functional Entry:

Recognizing the importance of an organized entry or mudroom, the remodel included a landing space right off the garage, meticulously designed by Gather and Spruce. With overhead storage, ample coat hooks, and storage beneath the built-in, this space became a game-changer for the family of five. Tidiness and order were brought to a busy household, showcasing the thoughtful planning and execution by Gather and Spruce.

A Perfect Blend of Past and Present:

In the tale of this Greenwood Village home remodel, the balance of preserving the original charm and embracing modern functionality is a testament to the expertise of Gather and Spruce. The result is not just a renovated home but a sanctuary for a family of five—a perfect blend of the past and the present.

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