Transforming a Downtown Denver Loft: A Modern Haven for Empty Nesters

Discover the incredible journey of a downtown Denver loft renovation that breathed new life into a historic space. 

Nestled in the Isbell building, this urban sanctuary awaited a much-needed update. Designed for a couple on the verge of becoming empty nesters, this loft serves as their weekend getaway, with plans to make it their permanent home after their son graduates high school.

We had so much fun helping them transform their space. Let’s explore the challenges, the innovative solutions, and the stunning results that unfolded during the transformative process.

Embracing the Downtown Lifestyle

Situated in the heart of downtown, this loft offers unrivaled access to the vibrant amenities the area has to offer. From strolling to Rockies games to exploring bespoke shops, restaurants, and bakeries, every day presents a new adventure. Having a remarkable home to return to at the end of each day elevates their experience and adds the perfect finishing touch to their urban escapades.

The Need for a Remodel

Despite the couple’s affection for their loft, they were dissatisfied with its dated finishes, awkward design, and cramped kitchen layout. Eager to revitalize their living space, they enlisted our expertise to undertake a comprehensive transformation. With their vision in mind, we set out to reimagine the loft and bring it into the modern era.

An Open and Airy Space

One of the primary goals of the remodel was to create an open and airy ambiance. To achieve this, we made the decision to replace the existing peninsula with an island, thereby opening up the space and enhancing its flow. By updating finishes and fixtures, we breathed new life into the loft, imbuing it with a sense of lightness and contemporary allure.

The Timeless Beauty of Soapstone

At the heart of the kitchen remodel lies a meticulously crafted soapstone sink, expertly installed by LaCour Stoneworks. The clients were intimately involved in selecting the soapstone slab that now graces their space. This exquisite choice epitomizes timeless elegance and serves as the perfect centerpiece for a kitchen remodel in such a historic building.

Overcoming Challenges

Undertaking such a transformation did not come without its fair share of challenges. Relocating the plumbing posed a significant expense and disruption to the neighboring loft below, which was not a viable option. Moreover, the presence of a non-negotiable firewall created an obstacle to installing floating shelves, as per code requirements. 

However, creativity and ingenuity came to the rescue. We devised a wire cable system to suspend the floating shelves from the 12-foot ceiling and rerouted the plumbing through the toe kick of the cabinets, cleverly aligning it with the center of the island.

The Warmth of a Feature Wall

To combat any potential coldness in the loft’s industrial aesthetic, we decided to install a striking thin brick feature wall along the entire exterior wall. This addition, set against the backdrop of hardwood floors, introduces a warm and inviting element. Guests and observers often remark that the brick wall appears to be an original architectural detail of the space, further emphasizing the seamless integration of old and new.

The Power of Design

From the initial vision of a couple seeking a downtown oasis to the expertly executed transformation, this loft in downtown Denver is a testament to the power of design. By reimagining the space, incorporating innovative solutions, and infusing it with timeless elegance, we created a haven that perfectly suits the needs and desires of its owners. This renovated loft stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of historical charm and modern living, offering a captivating glimpse into the possibilities of urban renovation. 

Ready for a Transformation?

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