Kitchen and bath remodel 2023: Which trends can also add value?

Adding Home Value

Deciding to tackle kitchen and bath renovations can be daunting. If you are going to take on the kitchen and bathroom remodeling cost, you’ll want to maximize your investment by choosing updates that add value as well as style to your home.

In December, we outlined styles for 2023 that were introduced in the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) Design Trend report, which highlights what will influence kitchen and bath design for the next two or three years. Now we’ll explore which ones are worth incorporating into a kitchen and bath remodel to create a design that’s not only beautiful but also adds value to your home.

Invest in an island

Islands are a timeless kitchen element. Today’s homeowners look at the kitchen as a multifunctional space, using it for entertainment, working and studying, in addition to preparing and serving food. The “social island” concept meets this need by adding counter and storage space that can be used for everything from doing homework to gathering with friends. If you have the room to add an island it’s worth the investment, because more space always adds value. If you already have an island, changing the paint color or countertop material can update the design and make the most of this popular kitchen feature.

Make a statement with tile

Colorful tiles in bold patterns or textures can be used to instantly refresh and make a big style statement in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Installing a kitchen backsplash or replacing the one you already have is an easy way to update the look and add value. The bold tile that’s popular for kitchens can be used to create interest in the bathroom too. Think flooring, shower surrounds or even walls.

Using eco-friendly building materials is popular in 2023, so why not consider options that are made with the earth in mind? Choose tiles that are made from recycled materials like aluminum or glass, or sustainable materials like water-resistant, antimicrobial cork.

Update your walls

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom design ideas, paint is an easy way to make an update that adds value without reconfiguring or redesigning a space. The 2023 NKBA report cited darker, richer colors as growing in popularity this year, with shades of green and blue at the top of the list. White and off-white also remain popular neutral colors. For inspiration, take a quick peek at the different “color of the year” selections by major paint manufacturers.

Bring the outside in

Design that’s influenced by nature is growing in popularity, so consider incorporating natural elements like stone and wood into your décor. The purpose is to add a calming effect to your space and a feeling of wellness, something that is valuable to everyone. In the kitchen, consider updating countertops made from synthetic materials like laminate to a natural material like soapstone or butcher block. In the bathroom, think stone for vanities and shower surrounds. Natural flooring material like wood or tile works well in both spaces.

Let Gather & Spruce refresh your home

While there are small things you can do to add value and style to your home, you might find that what you really want is a total refresh. If you’re looking for a kitchen and bath remodel in Denver, Gather & Spruce is here to help. We specialize in timeless design styles that also feel of the moment, so you get more years out of your investment.

We’ll put our 20+ years of design experience to work and create a beautiful and functional space. Our proprietary Smart Design process was created to give you the custom kitchen and bath design that you want while minimizing disruptions to your daily life.

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